Town Board opens the gates for Legacy Woods project

Clarence Bee

The Legacy Woods subdivision received design approval from the Town Board last week, bringing the concept of a community built around an equestrian trail one step closer to fruition.

Dr. Greg Daniel plans to create an equestrian community, referred to as “Legacy Woods,” that would allow horses to walk alongside neighborhood residents in the comfort of their backyards. The subdivision will be located on the west side of Newhouse Road, north of Roll Road.


Proposal for equestrian community in Clarence would feature riding trail, open space.

Buffalo News

April 26, 2018

Riding trails, solar panels and geothermal heating would be some of the features of Legacy Woods, a 50-lot equestrian community of upscale single-family homes planned for Newhouse Road in Clarence.

A public hearing on the project was set for 6:15 p.m. May 23 by the Clarence Town Board Wednesday.

The property is owned by Dr. Greg Daniel, who lives next door in a geothermal home and operates a 40-acre equestrian center on Newhouse Road.

Sean Hopkins, an attorney who represents Daniel, told the board the open space design would leave 50 percent of the nearly 60-acre property as permanent open space and the redesign would reduce the rate of runoff into neighboring properties. The stormwater management plan would also accommodate the runoff from an additional 115 acres on the other side of Newhouse Road, he said.

The runoff design was a concern due to the Gott Creek corridor along the property.

Hopkins told the board that a previous proposal, Newhouse Acres, only had 25 percent open space and called Daniel’s proposal a much better option. He said the design of the riding trail, as well as plans for environmental amenities, would be presented to the Town Board before the public hearing.

If the Town Board approved the open space design in May, the project would go to the Planning Board for development review. The Planning Board has already approved the conceptual and environmental review, Hopkins said.

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