For Nature and Horse Enthusiasts

A horse community or equestrian community is a planned real estate development or community where people live with their horses on their property or at a facility within the rural or suburban development, with a shared trails network for pleasure riding.

Equestrian Subdivisions are designed to be the “best of both worlds” for horse lovers, allowing them to have the horse at a barn within walking distance or in their backyard — but without sacrificing trails, arenas, or friends to ride with. Many equestrian neighborhoods have resident-only group lessons or events several times a month in the common areas, or have a community trail ride weekly.

One of the priorities of the development plan is to leave 50% of the area, surrounding Gott creek open for a bird sanctuary, where many beautiful species of birds can be admired.

Legacy Woods Estates  is designed to delight both the nature and horse enthusiast with luxury custom homes, surrounded by greenery, wooded areas, Gott Creek, and horse trails.  All quaintly nestled alongside the Legacy Equestrian Center, which is a is a full-service 26-acre equestrian facility,  offering comprehensive boarding services for horse owners and a variety of activities for riders of all ages and abilities. Legacy employs caring and professional managers, teachers, trainers and barn personnel.

Birds Found at Gott Creek

Ruby-Crowned Kinglet One of the earliest spring migrants to arrive. Black-Throated Green Warbler These warblers need mature forests to feed in. They sing a song that sounds like "Zee-zee-zee-zoo-zee". Scarlet Tanager Scarlet Tanagers can eat 2,000 gypsy caterpillars in one hour. Male Rose-Breasted Grosbeak These birds sometimes nest with us. They are beautiful songsters and are in the finch family. Male American Redstart They love to eat flies and move with a quick fluttering motion. Brown Thrasher These birds have a huge repertoire. They know upwards of 3,000 songs and like to hide in dense shrubs. Green Heron Herons visit year round and you will often spook them from the creek banks while they are feeding. Male Yellow Warbler These warblers can sometime be found feeding on berries along the creek. Red-Breasted Nuthatch These are only some of the birds we share the creek with. We look forward to enjoying them with you!